Biomes and Structures

Biomes (1.19.3+)

In order to not destroy any trees in custom biomes, Separated Leaves does not separate leaves in unknown biomes. For every namespace you add files for, you need to provide a biomes.json file alongside the other files. In there, you can specify which biomes should be added to the mod.

If all is set to true, Separated Leaves will work in any biome with the namespace.

  "all": true

If you need to specify certain biomes, set all to false and use the biomes list.

  "all": false,
  "biomes": [

In all versions after 1.19.2, a biome.json file is required for the mod to work.

Structures (1.19+)

Structures with custom trees may break when using the mod. If this is the case for a certain structure, add it to the tag data/separated_leaves/tags/worldgen/structure/allow_mismatched_leaves.json.

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